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The society lives an unbridled pursuit of happiness, which is considered an essential fuel to move humanity. Among the many texts that try to explain what makes people happy – and even define what is happiness – a new study from the University of California-Irvine says taking smiling selfies can increase your happiness in general


In reaching this conclusion, 41 students spent four weeks taking selfies daily and then reporting their mood. With time, they noticed a certain change of behavior when they took the smiling photos. The reports indicated that people were happier and more confident in a better mood for the rest of the day – even if the smile was false.

“You can engage in the act of being happy,” said Professor Mark Marino, USC. “This kind of self-reflection helps people identify characteristics that they want to have and that are showing to people.”

Of course, the study is not exactly scientific, but it can serve to begin to confront those who claim that selfies supporters have psychotic and narcissistic tendencies.


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