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Please note that this text contains spoilers! If you have not watched the season finale of Game of Thrones, do not read!

Anyone who has read all five books of the saga of George RR Martin knew that one of the great mysteries of the plot was the source Jon Snow. After about 20 years, the paternity of the character was finally presented to the fans in season finale of the sixth season, aired on HBO on Sunday (26). To the delight of those who bet on the theory that became known as “R + L = J” Jon is even legitimate son of Lyanna Stark, Ned Stark’s sister. It seems that the father of Jon was Rhaegar Targaryen, older brother of Daenerys, killed during the rebellion of Robert Baratheon.

King Robert was in love with Lyanna, and what motivated the clash was just the disappearance of his fiancée. Until then, there were two possibilities for the escape of Lyanna Stark: she was in love with Rhaegar and would have fled or have been kidnapped and raped by the prince. It is not yet clear which option is correct, but most fans bet that Lyanna really ran away with Rhaegar to be in love with him.

The unfolding of Jon plot was revealed by one of the visions of Bran . Following Ned enters the Tower of Joy and finds his sister dying in a blood bed. Before he died, Lyanna whispers some inaudible words into the ear of Ned and ends with: “Robert can not know” repeating several times “promise me.” In the final scenes of sight, Ned holds a baby black eyes in his arms.

Although the origin of the character to be confirmed in time, both the books and the series had already had several ‘easter eggs’ and clues the biological parents of Jon Snow along the unfolding of the plot. Even so, there was still a lot of mystery in the air, since even now North King knows his noble origin. Unfortunately, we have to wait for another year to find out what effect another Targaryen will have on the future of the troubled game of thrones.

Jon Targaryen

How legitimate son of the then prince Rhaegar Targaryen (eldest son of Mad King), Jon is the next in the list of the iron throne. Still, there remains to be seen whether and how the character will be officially recognized as a member of the Targaryen family.

Jon is ahead to Daenerys, who finished the season Westeros path with its fleet of ships. Indeed, at least one agreement will have to be made between Dany and Jon to find out who will be the next commander of the seven kingdoms. For now, the North King still has to worry about the main event which takes shape in the far north of Winterfell. For now, the only certainty is that fans of winter finally arrived

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