Rethinking mobility with a view more safe smart and sustainable also means exploring new territory, literally, to favor moving in the field urban going to relieve the busiest thoroughfares. This is what is making the creator of the project French team SeaBubbles which proposed a very innovative means of transportation.

can be defined as a sort of wheel taxi which travels along the streams a few centimeters from the surface. Inside it is able to accommodate up to a maximum of six passengers, who once started the service can be booked and paid a race simply by interacting with a mobile application, directly from your smartphone. In other words, a bit ‘as already happens with ride sharing of Uber .

The first two cities in which the project will be experienced will almost certainly San Francisco and Paris . In the resort in California, according to forecasts, it could save up to an hour each day to commuters who work in Silicon Valley.

To develop and refine the idea, the founders Alain Thebault and Anders Bringdal last month have received funding for a total of 3.45 million euro by the institute insurance French Maif and bottom Partech Ventures. They aim to increase tenfold the sum by the second quarter of the year. In the future there will SeaBubbles technologies such as autonomous driving and the partnership signed with the reality of third parties to charge the batteries equipped: it is a means to 100% electric , therefore completely sustainable from an environmental point of view. At the moment we do not know when you can climb on board to navigate the waters of the Seine or the San Francisco Bay.

A render for the media SeaBubbles