The demand for computer cases with good sound insulation is always there: if players are often not worried about the noise of the powerful gaming platform, then to those for whom PCs working tool, as well as film and music lovers this noise, for obvious reasons, do not like. And gamers who prefer not to play with headphones, too, want to listen to the voice acting game, rather than the noise of many fans in the hull. Scythe company is preparing to release a new model of housing with noise insulation called Seijaku (Silence, silence). Its delivery will begin on December 7 model number of this case – SCY-DFR5-BK . The company traditionally uses to name its products Japanese names.

Structurally, it is a universal medium tower with seven seats for expansion cards, compatible with ATX motherboard formats, Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX. Power Device Location underwear, in a separate compartment, fitted with chassis legs high enough to ensure normal intake. The side panel of the case are covered with noise insulation and vibration absorbing mats, the same protection and has a front door. Behind the door lies the air filter grille and a pair of compartments 5.25 “. At the same time, a pair of 120mm fans behind the front panel and one such fan behind will be pre-installed by the manufacturer. If desired, they can be replaced on the model 140 mm in diameter.

In addition to the standard controls for door Scythe Seijaku hides and dual computer fan control, and under the top panel you can set a couple of 120 or 140-mm fan or heat sink size LSS 240 or 280. With its rather modest dimensions, is 220 × 483 × 468 mm, body dimensions sufficiently democratic to the filling: length expansion cards in it can reach 415 millimeters and a height of CPU cooler radiator – 180 millimeters. The main chassis material – steel SPCC, moreover, appear to be thick enough, since the shell weighs 8.75 kg. Price promised democratic, just 7980 yen, that is about $ 70, that quite a bit of a quiet building with three pre-installed fans.