in our homes we use dozens of different devices, and it is sometimes very difficult to determine which of them consume the most power. It can be a month to disable them in the queue waiting for the next receipt, but this will take a lot of time . You can also call an electrician who installs a special equipment to monitor electricity consumption, which is suitable not for everyone. The solution to this problem came up with researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of technology have created sensors to monitor power consumption of devices in the home.

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The development was supported by the US naval fleet. These sensors can detect individual devices energy consumption on the basis of their unique “signatures”. The information indicating where the devices switched on and off, can be sent to the application and displayed in real time, which means that control when and what consumes energy only becomes maximum.

“With our system you can install proximity sensors using conventional Velcro, and use signal processing to measure energy consumption. It is quick, easy and cheap. The system will also help determine when equipment needs maintenance or replacement” – said Dr. Stephen Leeb


Unfortunately, at the moment, this technology is available in the main military.