Samsung’s promise to think about the division raised its market value


The corporation Samsung has officially voiced their attitude to the possibility of the division on the management company and the holding company. Recall that with proposal it approached the American Elliot Management hedge fund that owns a small stake in the South Korean giant. Samsung said it would consider the possibility of separation, which will attract consultants.

If the separation occurs, it will be one of the most important events in the entire history of almost half a century corporation. At the same time, this measure will significantly simplify the management of Samsung shares, which, according to experts, is currently significantly undervalued. The negative impact on the value of its securities has, in particular, a complex corporate structure and the presence in it of low-profit and unpromising businesses.

However, the final decision on the division is not accepted, to consider all possible variants of Samsung is planning to spend at least six months. And while she only promised to increase the dividend payment to $ 3.6 billion and more to redeem their shares.

Amidst all the news sounded above quotations of securities of South Korean corporations skyrocketed, bringing its market value increased by $ 9 billion.


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