The seventh international exhibition of warehouse equipment and automation systems CeMAT 2016 Samsung has introduced a new logistics solutions, which served as the basis for fitness bracelet Gear Fit points 2 and Gear VR virtual reality. Handheld device companies are considered as a tool to spread the load between the employees and warehouse of 3D-visualization of storage space. This intelligent system will significantly improve the quality of labor and optimize the work process.

CeMAT 2016

load balancing system on the warehouse staff developed by LOGISTIX based Samsung Gear Fit fitness bracelets 2. The devices record the distance traveled measured heart rate and other indicators of employees, and on the basis of the Dunn LEAD WMS module balancing helps distribute tasks among staff so as to prevent fatigue and increase productivity.

Gear Fit 2

“Internal processes of logistics enterprises are complex and require careful monitoring and optimization on the part of IT-systems. Modern portable devices from Samsung coped with this task, – said Dmitry Blinov, technical Director LogistiX -. Thanks to a fitness bracelet and points Gear VR virtual reality we have been able to create solutions that will optimize the operation of warehouses, to be more flexible, to compete in the market and grow “


Gear VR

Meanwhile, a system for monitoring the work of warehouses has been developed based on the Samsung Gear VR virtual reality headset in real time. According to staff, this solution facilitates simple and convenient creation of realistic images interactive working warehouse.


The system is based visualization module LEAD WMS, providing a sense of presence, as well as the ability to monitor the status of the warehouse, including the monitoring of business processes. This solution can be used to control and optimize the internal processes of a warehouse, and for the design of warehouses. The system also allows you to get investors and consumers a clear idea about the features of warehouse logistics.