Source The Boston Globe described the attempt to hide the Samsung another incident with the ignition Galaxy Note 7, occurred in China.


When Zhang Sytun (Zhang Sitong) kept the friend’s phone number on the Galaxy Note 7 its , he suddenly began to vibrate, and then it went from the smoke. Sitong dropped the unit on the ground and asked his friend to start shooting. He then informed the company about the incident

Some time later the same day Sytun visited two members of Samsung, which offered him in return for the new Galaxy Note 7 and about $ 900 of compensation under the condition that he would not publish the video of the burning of the smartphone. Zhang Sytun rejected the proposal.

A few weeks before this, despite the fact that it was already withdrawn about 2 million Galaxy Note 7 in the US and other countries, the South Korean company has assured the Chinese people that the smartphone completely safe .

They said that there were no problems with the phones in China. That’s why I bought the (phone) Samsung – says Zhang, the 23-year-old former firefighter. – This is a question of fraud. They deceive Chinese consumers . “

Samsung initially claimed that the Chinese version of the Galaxy Note 7 has a different, secure the battery. However, after a series of messages on fire smartphone in China was forced to stop its sale here.

brand was damaged – says Di Jin (Di Jin), IDC research firm employee in China. – the Samsung will be very difficult to recover its share of the market in the near future


Samsung apologized to Chinese users in connection with the misunderstandings and assured that the quality control of the smartphone was the same in all countries.