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Remember the video where Galaxy Note 7 replaced the traditional bomb in a mod Grand Theft Auto V ? Most likely the answer is yes, because it viralizou web. However, it seems that Samsung did not like the joke:. The company is suing the creator of the video

The claim of South Korea is based on copyright and the video has been removed from YouTube. Of course, Samsung is not really bothered about their intellectual property, but with the fact that the mod be a negative propaganda that reinforces the problem of their explosive batteries.

The fact is that the creator of the modification of the famous game did not copy exactly something which Samsung owns. As in other mods, it was just a parody of a real situation, which may indicate an abuse by the company in its legal claims.

Although the original video was taken down by court order, there is still a number of other links available on YouTube – like this embedded below:

Via Sam Mobile

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