Samsung starts producing the Exynos 8895, 10nm chip that will equip the Galaxy S8


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The Samsung announced on Monday (17) started mass production of Exynos 8895, the first mobile chip in the world to use 10-nanometer technology.

The process involves the use of advanced transistor structure in 3D and design improvements that together will make the new SoC delivered 27% more performance consuming 40% less energy. “This demonstrates our leadership in the use of advanced process technologies,” said Jong Shik Yoon, vice president of Samsung Electronics.

In an official statement, the company also said the new chips will be used in a “new device” at the beginning of next year. Although it was not specified which device is that it is highly likely that she is talking about the Galaxy S8. After the fiasco of the Galaxy Note7, the smartphone is the next top line in the manufacturer agenda and, as with all “S” line, your ad is scheduled to be done at the Mobile World Congress in February. Rumors, however, realize that he can be anticipated .

Other rumors realize that the flagship will come in two versions: one equipped with Snapdragon 830, released exclusively in the United States, and another with the Exynos 8895, for the remainder of the world.

Rumors aside, what is known of concrete is that the new chips will hit the market early next year and equip other devices throughout the 2017. Like the Galaxy S8, the expectation is the chip will help Samsung to overcome the bitter predictions of US $ 5 billion in losses and shrinkage of 66% of their profits after the fiasco that was the Note7. Will they succeed?

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