Samsung starts mass production of 10-nm processors


Samsung has announced the start of mass production of chips at 10 nm process technology, thus becoming the first manufacturer in the industry, who decided to take this step. Products based on chips made on the 10-nm process, as we are assured by representatives of the South Korean giant will be very soon – at the beginning of next year. According to reports, the Samsung uses a Fan-Out Level Panel Package technology that allows mass production of chips without the use of printed circuit boards to the substrate.

“First on the market a batch solution for process technology of 10-nanometer FinFET confirms our leadership in the development of advanced technologies, – said Yong Soup-yong, executive vice president, head of the production unit semiconductor Samsung Electronics -. We will continue to exert every effort in order to create innovative and scalable technology to provide users with comprehensive solutions differentiated “


The new processor Samsung 10-nm FinFET (10LPE) has advanced 3D-transistor structure. Its design and operating technique has been improved in comparison with the previous version of 14 nm, which provides a 30% higher specific surface efficiency, increase productivity by 40%, and reduce energy consumption by 40%. To remove the scaling limitations in the new solution uses the latest solution – the triple patterning. It provides two-way routing in order to maintain greater flexibility in design and routing in comparison to previous models. In close cooperation with partners Samsung also intends to create a functional semiconductor ecosystem, which will unite the means of verification reference flow, IP and library. To start the architecture are currently available set of development of the production process (PDK) and a set of IP development.

Earlier there were rumors that it will produce for Samsung Qualcomm Snapdragon new flagship chip 830 using the 10-nm process technology. This should make the CPU is cheaper and more energy efficient than the Snapdragon 820, made on 14-nm process technology FinFET.

10-nm processors Samsung devices will be used from the beginning of next year. They are expected to become available to the mass consumer during 2017.


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