Samsung revealed details about the possibilities of Bixby


One of the The main "chips" are not yet announced smartphone Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus should be a virtual assistant Bixby.To now, it did not know any details, but the company Samsung decided not to wait for the official presentation of the flagships and told details about the assistant.According to the manufacturer, Bixby offers a new way to interact with a smartphone.Samsung believes that it is not a person who needs to learn how the device interacts with the world, but it must itself learn and adapt to the needs of the owner.

"The interface should be natural and intuitive to smooth the learning curve, regardless of the number of functions added. With this new approach, Samsung uses artificial intelligence, reinforcing the concept of in-depth training in the design center of our user interfaces. Bixby is the result of these efforts, "says the Samsung blog.

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<p style= As Samsung assures, Bixby will fundamentally differ from other voice assistants represented on the market. This is facilitated by three key features of the assistant:

  • Completion: when the application becomes compatible with Bixby, the assistant starts supporting almost all tasks that the application can perform using a conventional interface via touch control. Most existing virtual assistants support only a few selected tasks for a specific application, so users get confused and do not understand what can be done with the voice command and what is not. With this function, Bixby's behavior will be more predictable.
  • Contextual awareness: when using an application with Bixby support, users can call the assistant at any time, and he will understand the current context and the state of the application. Bixby will allow users to mix various ways of interaction, including touch control or voice commands, in any context of the application, depending on what they consider most comfortable and intuitive for themselves. Most existing assistants fully dictate the modality of the interaction and, switching between modes, can either start the task again, or lose all the work that is done, or simply do not understand the user's requirements.
  • Cognitive Tolerance: When the number of supported voice commands increases, it is difficult for most users to remember their exact wording. Most assistants require owners to specify exact commands in a set of fixed forms. Bixby is clever enough to understand commands with incomplete information and execute the specified command, and then offers to provide additional information and perform the assigned tasks in parts. This makes the interface more natural and easy to use.

Samsung also officially confirmed that the new smartphone will have a special button for calling the virtual assistant Bixby. The company believes that because of different methods of launching voice assistants among users, confusion arises, so it was decided to simplify this process as much as possible. This also allows you to more quickly perform different tasks. For example, to make a call you need to turn on and unlock the smartphone, go into the phone application, find the right person in the contact list and only then click on the call button. All this can be done much faster by clicking on the Bixby button and asking the assistant to call the right person.

At the start of sales of Galaxy S8 Bixby will be supported by most pre-installed applications, and with time they will become more and more. In the future, Samsung plans to release a set of tools so that third-party developers can optimize their applications for integration with Bixby.

Initially, Bixby will be available only on Galaxy smartphones, but as data processing takes place in the cloud, the assistant will work with other devices of the company with time.


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