It has long been discussed on Samsung advances in flexible and foldable display devices industry so that often the Korean company shows some of his prototypes at trade fairs and events dedicated, but in reality there ‘it is still no terminal on the market that can claim similar technologies. At least not at the moment, but the future may hold many surprises.

Samsung Display the division of the Korean giant that specializes exclusively in the development, production and distribution of displays, has recently registered a patent for a new flexible OLED screen in the US at the ‘competent office. It is an innovative and unique technology, which, however, Samsung has been working for about two years.

According to the information contained in the patent the display would be composed of two layers of electrodes separated by a dielectric elastomer film which together should resist any kind of pressure and bending on both sides or centrally. It ‘s definitely a different solution from those seen so far, also because it was built mainly in the material plastic able to withstand shock and sudden pressure and heat, and far more useful in extreme situations there today force us to change the terminal display. Difficult to determine at the time how he can reconcile this technology with a good display quality, but we are confident that Samsung “has taken account of each pixel.”

Please note that the new flexible OLED screen Samsung could stay only a patented product and never be used in any finished device, in this case it will mean for the Korean company a further step in the definition and optimization of its final technology. We believe you?

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