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The most unsuspecting owners of a Galaxy Note7 may have missed beaten the little reported fact that Samsung have definitely stopped production the phablet. They may also not have seen the successive news and SMS insistent that the company fired asking everyone to disassociate the device and exchanged at the nearest store.

Such inattention can not only be putting at risk the life of the uninformed user, as well as others. After the phone bills can explode at any time – which would be catastrophic in an airplane, for example.

To prevent this sort of thing happens, Samsung announced that it is setting up trading posts of Galaxy Note7 at airports around the world. Besides offering the possibility of the unwary to exchange your device for a new Galaxy S7 time, the stands inform travelers of the risk of carrying the device.

The initiative is already worth in Icheon airport in South Korea, and is coming to seven airports in Australia. According to Samsung in the coming weeks other airports around the world receive the booths, which work in the busiest times in terminals: from 6 am to 8 pm.

The global expansion of the collection of smartphones at airports program was confirmed a few days after the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), equivalent to ANAC in the United States, download a law that makes federal crime port a Galaxy Note7 during flight – whether it is off or not. The insistent on porting the device may take up to ten years in jail and have to pay a fine of up to $ 179,000.

With this news, Samsung intends to take once and for all the explosives phablets circulation and close, in the end, the coffin in which the device was buried.


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