Samsung is resisting to indemnify users harmed by Note7


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Even a week after the Samsung confirm that the Galaxy Note7 is dead and buried, the problematic phablet is still yielding controversial. This time, users are criticizing the company that she was not compensating them for damages suffered by the device explosions.

Numerous reports that the unit was overheating, catching fire and burning cars, furniture, curtains and causing burns to users forced the South Korean manufacturer announced two recalls to fix the problem. The action, however, was unsuccessful and, on Tuesday (11), Samsung threw in the towel announcing that definitely descontinuaria Galaxy Note7.

Thus everything was more than expected to the victims of the smartphone asked indemnity to cover damage caused by it. And the least that Samsung could do would be to pay the amount requested, without squeaking or contest. But it is not exactly what is happening.

Cases in the United States

At least three former owners of the Galaxy Note7 claimed that Samsung is not trying to cover the damages they suffered. John Barwick, the city of Marion, in the US state of Illinois, is one of those who come complaining about the company’s attitude. Bedridden since September 8, when the Note7 his wife exploded on the bed while they slept, he says he repeatedly tried to contact Samsung and received a negative of the company’s insurer.

“They told me they would not bear any cost and would not pay for any damaged furniture. We ask you to exchange our carpet and pay for spoiled sheets. To send pictures,” he told the victim to the Guardian. Instead, Samsung said it would pay a ridiculous amount to cover the damage, giving the impression that the only concern of the company was to recover the faulty unit.

The case of Wesley Hartzog, South Carolina resident, was even more serious. In his report, he says that the Galaxy Note7 who was carrying the garage exploded and burned the whole place. In addition, car, motorcycle, lawn mower, bicycles and a chair were damaged. Before the event, he says he had to leave his home for several days and pay for hotel accommodations while repairs are made at his residence.

When contacting Samsung, Hartzog says an official promised that he would be able to accommodate him and the whole family in a hotel and pay for their meals. “The next day, the insurer Samsung called us and said he would not be able to do that. It was a very little professional attitude,” he complained.

The incident recently completed a month and the victim is still trying to negotiate with the South Korean manufacturer. “I thought they would be solicitous and would at least help me get back home soon,” she lamented the newspaper.

Shawn Minter, Richmond, Virginia, also says he is tired of empty promises and inaction company to resolve your case. As with Barwick, Minter was woken in the night with the phone on fire and exploding like fireworks. After that, the unit began to “burn, sizzle and melt.”

So far, all attempts to solve the problem Minter with Samsung and its insurer were dashed. “They never did anything” and “gone after I handed the phone to the CPSC [comissão de proteção ao consumidor]”.


For Jonathan Bernstein, a crisis management expert, all cases wide open the company’s lack of preparation to deal with this sort of thing. “Crisis management of Samsung has so many defects as their product,” said the Guardian. For him, the attitude of the company should be completely different, mainly because it is not only dealing with a defective product, but with something that can endanger the health and safety of persons. “They have to do what’s right,” he concluded the expert.

Source: The Guardian

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