The era of solid state drives with SATA interface slowly coming to an end. Speed ​​capabilities of modern controllers and flash memory chips are already far ahead of the limits set by the interface, and is 6 Gb / s. Transition to disk interfaces with a capacity of 12 Gbit / s in the consumer sector is not expected, and the server such speeds have long been used, but coupled with the SAS standard, not SATA. The future NVMe, but that does not mean that the “old people” are going to leave the stage completely.

In many cases, linear bandwidth of 6 Gb / s is more than enough, and on the first place indicators such as volume and performance when performing random read and write operations. What can I say, the owner of any SSD will confirm that after the installation of virtually any modern SATA drives everything was loaded much faster, including games. A modern game is very hungry for space and this is their appetite will only grow. One of the best models, if not the best in class SATA SSD is undoubtedly the Samsung 850 Pro. So say many enthusiasts.

 Samsung MHX controller. Most likely, it will be installed in the version of 4 terabytes

Samsung MHX controller. Most likely, it will be installed in the version of 4 TB

showed tests conducted by us, this model has an excellent performance, and through the use of three-dimensional MLC – More and serious headroom, so serious that Samsung It gives these drives a 10-year warranty. However, capacity 2 TB may not be enough hardcore players, so at CES 2017 Samsung plans to introduce a new model of the 850 Pro volume of 4TB. It will be the first drive of the consumer class with a volume based on NAND of two-particle memory. Model 850 EVO with a similar capacity on the basis of 3D TLC was presented earlier . The exhibition CES 2017 will be held from 6 to 8 January next year in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.