Samsung is considering not throw line Note smartphone in 2017


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After the fiasco that was Galaxy Note7, the Samsung is considering breaking its tradition of releasing two top of the line appliances in 2017. at least that’s what indicates the Korea Herald report on Tuesday (18).

Many people come pointing the tight release schedule of the South Korean manufacturer as one of the main reasons for the disaster that was the Note7. So much so that she even used outsourced laboratories to test the components of the explosive phablet, which may have influenced the final quality of the device.

Therefore the company was considering slowing down to rearrange the house and focus only on a single device top line in 2017, the Galaxy S8 in an attempt to “ensure the quality” of the product.

Although the information has been provided by a source connected to one of Samsung’s partners, the change in strategy makes sense. The Galaxy S8 will not only be the flagship manufacturer in the first half of 2017 as well as the responsible for defining her future as a whole : if it fails, Samsung may be doomed forever. It is a great responsibility and that it can only be met with a very well built device, virtually flawless.

truth will be curious to see how the company will keep the relevant flagship for an entire year. Normally, the line Galaxy S gets a new device in February, while the line Galaxy Note comes in August to compete directly with Apple’s iPhone. If the Notice is filed next year’s calendar, then the S8 will have a long way to go from February 2017 to February 2018. Will he have breath?

Via The Korea Herald

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