Samsung Gear VR next generation will be able to scan the user’s face


Two years ago, Samsung introduced a headset Gear VR virtual reality, which is used as the display screen of the smartphone. The second version was released last year, which was more comfortable, but in terms of It features the novelty was not different from the original. However, the next generation may undergo a number of fundamental changes. for example, the new Samsung’s patent refers to the Gear VR with the ability to monitor not only the position of the headset itself, but also the user’s eyes and the expression on his face.

 Samsung Gear VR

The patent states that in the headset may be a plurality of sensors required for modeling the user’s face. In addition, infrared sensors and elektrookulograficheskie can track eye movements. This will help to make the interaction with other users in the virtual reality more realistic. The two people will be able to see not only your virtual avatar, and facial expression.

 Samsung Gear VR

In addition, The patent says tracking facial expressions and position the headset in the space with the help of an external device camera. in this earlier Samsung sent to India for testing an unknown device SM-R210, which just equipped with a camera.

 Samsung Gear VR

it is possible that a new generation of virtual headsets reality Gear VR will be presented next year, with the flagship smartphone Galaxy S8.


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