Samsung Galaxy smartphone has caused a fire that destroyed a three-storey house


According to the publication, because of the exploding smartphone Samsung Galaxy completely burned three-storey house deputy head of the monitoring and management of emergency center situations Railways Alexander Kiriyenko.

According to published information, the landlord put the smartphone on charging. At some point, he and his wife and guest heard a loud clap. A lit smartphone arson sofa, then the fire began to spread quickly. Put out of his own resources at home owners did not work, so they left it. Evacuation contributed to the neighbors who helped them descend from the second floor balcony.

Kiriyenko was defeated airway burns of hands, neck, face and head, with which he was taken to the intensive care unit, where he is in a “serious but stable” condition.

victim’s wife confirmed that the fire was due to the newly acquired smartphone Samsung Galaxy.

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