The FAA does not skimp with the regulations and prohibits PHABLET Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on planes and outbound from the United States.


In the US, carry a Galaxy Note 7 on a plane can be severely punished by law

The FAA or Federal Aviation Administration does not skimp with the regulations. Since 15 October, it is strictly forbidden to carry a smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on a plane and be it as hand luggage or registered, at home or in the bunkers. Initially, various airlines decide themselves if the offending smartphone could cross the door of the aircraft, but it is now that the FAA has decided that the Galaxy Note 7 is prohibited, even if the airline does not want to.

While in France it is the airlines who decide whether or not boarding airplanes Galaxy Note 7, the United States, the FAA has approved its ban . Any attempt to mount the terminal board can be punishable by law and considered a federal crime. Since October 15, it is forbidden to carry a Galaxy Note 7 in an airplane to or from the United States. This rule announces the formal prohibition to dispose of the smartphone itself in hand luggage, registered luggage or cargo as precisely the Federal Aviation Administration.


Nearly $ 180,000 in fines and 10 years in prison … a world first!

People who do not respect the new rules are a world first will be heavily punished. The penalty provides up to 179,933 dollar fine per violation day and a sentence of 10 years in prison. In the hexagon, no such decision was taken. These are the airlines consider whether the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is welcome or not in the aircraft. Some companies ask not to use the smartphone in flight, others recommend not to climb on board.


Samsung launches a recall procedure under high protection PHABLET

In addition to the financial loss and brand of the group, Samsung must also take care to recover the Galaxy Note 7 still in circulation in nature. For this, the group sent to every buyer who bought the PHABLET a package procedure with the least singular . While a conventional back is to simply place the product in a box and send everything by post, that of the Galaxy Note 7 is under high security. Note, however, that the recall of affected devices is performed through the air, and the FAA forbidden rising Galaxy Note 7 on planes departing and from the USA, which could pose many problems routing devices to Samsung.