Samsung has today announced the start of mass production “systems on a chip” on a 10-nanometer FinFET technology. It is argued that it is the first such product in the industry.

It is noted that the production process involves the use of transistors with advanced 3D-structure. The transition from 14-nanometer technology to the norms of 10 nanometers allowed 40 percent lower power consumption.

Compared with 14-nanometer microchips technique may increase the release of 30 percent counting on a silicon wafer.

In addition, the introduction of 10-nm technology will increase the speed of processors. In particular, states have the possibility of increasing productivity by 27 percent compared to the 14-nanometer resolutions.

Earlier it was reported that this Samsung will produce 10-nanometer technology processors Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 development. This chip will be endowed with 200 cores Kryo and powerful graphics controller Adreno 540. Built-in Modem X16 LTE will provide a maximum speed of 980 Mbit / s when downloading data. Speaking about the support LPDDR4X memory.

the Samsung notes that the first mobile devices based on processors, manufactured on 10-nanometer FinFET technology to hit the market early next year. That the products Snapdragon 830 is expected to become the “heart» Samsung flagship smartphone the next generation.

Apparently, in the future a new production method will be used, and with the release of its own mobile processor Samsung – Exynos chip family