Korean Advanced Institute of Technology (KAIST) has accused Samsung of illegally using protected technology in the production of microchips.

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We are talking about FinFET procedure which involves the use of transistors with advanced 3D-structure. According to statements by the prosecution, this technology was originally developed by specialists of KAIST, in partnership with professor Lee Jong-ho (Lee Jong-ho) of Seoul University.

alleged that later, Samsung has invited Mr. Jong-Ho for presentation on FinFET. It allegedly allowed the engineers to the South Korean giant, in a short time and at a lower cost to implement called the technique at its plants.



The KAIST claim that Samsung uses a protected technology without permission and payment of royalties. On this basis, the plaintiffs intend to demand compensation from the defendants.

Moreover, the company came under attack Global Foundries, using the technology under a license agreement with Samsung. The proceedings are also threatened with Qualcomm, which uses the services and Samsung, and Global Foundries. Finally, according to the possibility of filing a lawsuit against TSMC.