As we have already reported, the company controlled by Foxconn Sharp to invest $ 570 million in pilot production of OLED panels in Japan. And by 2019 partners plan to produce OLED panels for Apple’s at the factory, which will be built in China. The project cost is estimated at 1.92 billion dollars.

It would seem that these plans should worry the South Korean company Samsung Display and LG Display, a leading OLED panels in the release. However, the source claims that it is not. As evidence, he cites the words of the representatives of these companies.

The company LG Display, which started to invest in production of panels OLED small and medium-sized last year, too, considers it premature to assume that Foxconn and Sharp will its competitors in this market.

Model G Flex and now we increase production volumes – quoted source comments of LG Display. – While Foxconn is only going to start development of technology, and by 2019 will do this only a year or two. It is likely that Foxconn start production until 2020, and only then will be able to join in the competition “Industry observers are reminded that Samsung and LG to develop OLED technology, suitable for mass production, it took more than a decade.

Source: BusinessKorea

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