The EU countries will be free to cut VAT for e-books and digital publications to the same level of books and newspapers paper. A choice that Europe leaves to each individual country and that strange, for once see the other chasing Italy who had already decided to lower VAT to 4% from 1 January 2015 ( here our super investigation ).

Proposal is contained in a package of rules proposed by the European Commission in the approval and the decision to eliminate the disparity between paper and digital started to gather support from the various publishers’ society , including Italian. “ A great victory for Italy and for readers across Europe ” is the comment of the President of the Italian Publishers (AIE) Federico Motta.

This is a decision that we wait a long time – added Motta -. We were the first to demand that the VAT for print and digital books were equated. Now all European readers will have the same rights “. That today, in short, “ is the confirmation of a trend no longer reversible and it is good that the European Commission has taken note of ” concluded Motta, “ hope now sent because the process proposal becomes operational . “

For Italians do not change anything, but the government can breathe a sigh of relief because along with France and Luxembourg risked infringement proceedings having infringed the Community rules.