The Finnish company Jolla announced that the operating system Sailfish OS is officially approved as a mobile platform for application in the public sector in Russia.

” Open Mobile Platform “

Recall that the project Sailfish OS is developed by the company Jolla from 2012-th. this year, the development is now a Russian company “open mobile platform,” adapting the operating system for the needs of domestic users. In September, the operating system Sailfish mobile OS RUS was included in the Unified Register of Russian programs for electronic computers and databases

How Jolla notes today Sailfish mobile OS RUS -. it is the only in Russia mobile platform approved for use in devices designed for government agencies and state-controlled corporations.

Jolla also said that negotiations are held on the formation of the mobile ecosystem based Sailfish OS with China and South Africa.

Sailfish OS RUS is based on the principles of participation and partnership. We believe that the mobile ecosystem value lies in the ability to organize independent private network and not in monopolization of the market. We strive to create an ecosystem around Sailfish OS “, – said on its Web site” open mobile platform. ”