The Russian government had declared on several occasions its intention to minimize the dependence on Western software. The Ministry of Communications had identified two possible alternative to Android and iOS: Sailfish and Tizen. After a long technical analysis, the choice fell on the open source operating system developed by Jolla . It is a very important result for the Finnish company, given the limited success achieved by his mobile device.

The decision is yet another piece of the long IT Cold War in place between the Russian government and US multinationals. Russia has “not recommended” buying Windows-based computers. Google has received a fine for alleged antitrust violations, while access to LinkedIn has been blocked. Opera should instead implement a blacklist in your browser. As for the mobile operating systems, the government’s goal is to reduce by up to 50% dependence on iOS and Android by 2025.

Sailfish is thus the first and only OS that has received the certification for use in the controlled companies by the Russian government. A new local company, Open Mobile Platform acquired the license to develop a customized version of the Finnish operating system with the addition of specific security features. It is not necessary to translate the software, as Sailfish already supports Russian.

The company has planned the expansion of the platform in other countries. The same business model could be adopted in Brazil, India, China and South Africa, along with Russia, are part of the so called BRICS .