Russian banks will be able to provide services to clients remotely through a single system of identification and authentication (ESIA) on the state services portal.

According to the online publication “RIA Novosti”, customer primary identification of a financial institution should be full-time. The Bank will send information about the client in the ESIA, and then issue the client login and password from the system.

To date, the ESIA registered 35 million citizens. In other words, every second user of the Russian Internet segment can receive state services in electronic form.

It is expected that next year the Russians will be able to remotely open a bank account. The circuit should look something like this. If the client wants to open an account in any bank, this credit institution to ask for data about it in the ESIA. The user must confirm that enables to provide the necessary information about it: it can be done will be through state services portal or via SMS. The bank, having received the necessary information, be able to provide the service.

Add that the monthly increase in the number of registered citizens in the ESIA is about 1 million people. This is facilitated by the possibility of obtaining a simplified account online, as well as a developed network of registration centers.