Russians have won 4 sets of medals in the World Robot Olympiad 2016 WRO


held on November 25-27 in New Delhi (India) World Competition robots (World robot Olympiad, WRO) 2016 brought the Russians four sets of awards.

won the Gold award in the main category of the middle age group team of “Technopark MPL” Kirill Sannikov, Pavel Shevtsov. Her coach – Arseniy Martsyuk, MBOU “MPL”, Murmansk. Another set of gold received in the creative category of middle age group team «Ocean waste collector (OWC-2016)”, which includes Dmytro Kudriakov, Leo and Michael Glushkovsky Gorodov. coach – Sergey Filippov, President FML №239, St Petersburg


silver in the creative category in the senior age group received the command “Roboruka” Alexander Tulip Levon Pogosov Danil Nechayev. Her coach – Igor Lositsky, ITMO University, St. Petersburg


The command Fixies from Tatarstan won the third place in the “Robot Football” category. The delegation included Simon sonar, Roman Vertyachih. Team Trainer – Rustam Kagapov, Lyceum Innopolis


This year’s task, issue commands, were dedicated to the fight against waste – «! RAP THE SCRAP» (Fight waste!). Russia was represented at the competition 19 teams.


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