Russian space truck will go to a new generation of flight after 2020


The RSC “Energia” reported that the first launch of a new Russian cargo ship generation will be possible only in the next decade.

Photos Roskosmos

We are talking about the machine increased payload intended for technical support of the International space station (ISS). it is assumed that the created vehicle will reduce the delivery cost of 1 kg of cargo by 15% in comparison with the “Progress MS.”

In particular, the ship will be able to one flight to deliver to the space station 3400 kg of various cargoes for comparison. “Progress” can take on board not more than 2600 kg


‘s layout is the new device will be accommodated delivered cargo in the compartment of the increased dimension with a central aisle and standard racks, which greatly simplifies the work of loading and unloading of the ship, as well as will allow to use it as a “warehouse” in the part of the ISS.

Preliminary design of the ship is scheduled for completion in December 2016. It is important to note that the development gruzovozvraschaemoy version of the device is not provided.

ship launches will be conducted from the Baikonur Cosmodrome using the infrastructure devices for “MS Soyuz” and “Progress MS.” The first start will be possible after 2020. Upon completion of flight testing the new ship will replace truck “Progress MS” operated today (in the photos).

Increased supplies delivered fuel boosters increased traction will allow efficient use of a new generation of ship for the correction of the ISS orbit and will provide an opportunity to the attention of the station after the end of the period of its existence.