begin work on the creation of superheavy rocket in Russia, which in the future may be used for construction of science base on the Moon. It is reported by TASS, citing the statement of Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin.


Federal space program of Russia for 2016-2025 years, provides for the establishment of at least five satellites to conduct in-depth studies of the Moon from orbit and on its surface, as well as to deliver soil samples to Earth. However, super-heavy class carrier rocket project in the program is not entered.

However, as noted by Mr. Rogozin, the idea of ​​a superheavy rocket still will develop. “ We on behalf of the President, and it is now technically executed, turn the project superheavy rocket, and this is a completely different load, maybe it’s possible to realize the idea of ​​lunar research station, visited or inhabited “, -. Deputy Prime Minister

it is assumed that the new missile will be built in a modular fashion. In particular, the first and the second stage will be borrowed from the perspective of the middle class missiles “Phoenix”, which should be developed until 2025. The upper level can be taken from


Roscosmos said that as part of the lunar program is planned in 2021 to start unmanned flight tests of a new generation spacecraft manned, and in 2023 -. To hold the first start with the crew to the ISS. The program also envisages the creation of the necessary groundwork for a full-scale lunar exploration since 2025 and the follow-human landings.