According to unconfirmed reports, Beyond Good and Evil 2 authors refused to create a direct sequel to Scene . Apparently, we are waiting for something between a prequel, and reissue proceeding.

The combination, at first glance, strange and not very viable, but the staff portal LetsPlayVideoGames which have contact with someone from developers write the studio Ubisoft Montpellier deliberately took this step. “According to our source, now the game is developed in this direction: some of it re-tells the original story of Jade in the first part, some focus on the history Pidzheya, and will develop the ending of the original game,” – told reporters.

Can we believe them, is unclear. Source of Ubisoft Montpellier has preferred to remain anonymous, and the developers of the official declined to comment. According to rumors, the aim of this approach is that the players who are not familiar with the original, can easily penetrate into the story, to find out who this Jade and what motives are driven by her uncle. But fans of the first part will be interesting to see how the events will develop after the culmination of the first part.

The second part of the speculation more intriguing and therefore questionable. It is reported that publisher Ubisoft reportedly plans to make Beyond Good and Evil 2 exclusive (at least temporary) Nintendo NX console. The new trailer will have its debut during the presentation of the new system, and then the publisher will announce the exclusivity conditions of the project. According to some reports, the game’s release is scheduled for summer 2018. In doing so, developers have only tease fans, posting game illustration.