“Rostelecom”, according to the newspaper “Vedomosti”, intends to spend about half a billion rubles for the development of an integrated e-commerce platform.

Currently the operator has already provided services for the implementation of various payments. This, in particular, payment of traffic fines and taxes, replenishing mobile phone account and eWallet, transfers from one card to another and so forth.

” Rostelecom “

New the project of “Rostelecom” is called “E-commerce 2.0” noted that the statement “ is looking for a company that is ready to do implementation and support platform for the development of sites with the function of e-commerce ” refers to the initial price of the contract -.. 503, . 9 million rubles

it is assumed that a new project web sites for e-commerce will be launched The “Rostelecom” intends to merge into a single system all the user interfaces -. from the client portal to the online store and The IPTV.

” Rostelecom “

service is scheduled to start as early as 2017. Initially through the new site will be sold to a variety of digital products, such as insurance and software. In the future, with the participation of “Rostelecom” expects partners to organize the sale of subscriber units, security systems, systems for “smart” homes and so forth.

visitors can pay both personal account or by credit card or electronic money.