Role-playing action The Surge will be released on May 16


Frankfurt Studio Deck13 Interactive has announced the exact release date of the role-playing action The Surge the project will go on sale May 16 .

The release will take place simultaneously in all regions and on all platforms: PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. You can buy both a digital and a disk edition. The publication Focus Home Interactive accompanied the announcement of the cinematic trailer of the game, which shows the protagonist, excellent staging battles with robots and people in powerful exoskeletons, as well as one of the bosses to fight with.

The Surge site is the huge industrial complex of CREO Corporation, which tried to reverse the catastrophic climate change. However, in the company itself nothing good happened: because of the accident, employees dressed in exoskeletons, went crazy and became extremely aggressive. In addition, artificial intelligence took control of all the mechanisms, so that the robots around us were very unfriendly. The main character has to get through to the company's management through the chaos that is raging around.

The developers position the game as a connection of the Souls and System Shock series. The main emphasis is on tactical melee combat using different techniques and weapons. Unlike most role-playing games, simply "zaklikat" the enemy to death will not work – as in Dark Souls, you have to calculate every movement and wait for a convenient moment to strike.


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