Rockchip RK1108 DSP for IoT, automotive and surveillance



Rockchip RK1108 is a new Chinese company processor with DSP (Digital Signal Processor) to be incorporated 600MHz, dedicated to the automotive industry, the video surveillance, robotics and automation.

In addition to the new Rockchip RK3399 SoC which – as you’ll see – it will be the new top-of-range hexa-core Chinese company intended to tablets, notebooks, mini PCs, TV and even VR viewers the chip-maker officially launched another processor. His name is Rockchip RK1108 is based on a core ARM Cortex A7 and integrates a DSP (Digital Signal Processor) 600MHz, which will allow it to be used in the automotive sector, security cameras and other equipment security, robotics and home automation solutions in action camera, drones and other “widely programmable devices” by partners. So it’s a very low-power processor and high-performance.

Rockchip RK1108 DSP

Rockchip RK1108 has five basic technical characteristics:

a powerful DSP : CEVA XM4 Intelligent Vision built-in DSP, up to 600 MHz
night vision with professional image processing
encoding / decoding high-performance : 2K / H.264 at low bit-rate encoding and decoding up to 1440p
voice processing : supports up to eight sets of microphones for noise cancellation and echo
high integration, high scalability : supports multiple video inputs simultaneously to combine different sources and display them together on one screen.

The new Rockchip processor also supports a number of camera interfaces such as MIPI-CSI, CVBS-in and a parallel 12-bit as well as various display interfaces such as MIPI-DSI, HDMI 1.4, CVBS out and RGB series / parallel. The mass production will begin to end of October and will be the basis of a future IoT ecosystem, more efficient and advanced.

Rockchip RK1108 DSP

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