The United Arab Emirates is working on humanoid robots, which are not alien feelings.

The researchers believe their creation will be successful in the social sphere. The robot will look after children with disabilities, including autism.

believed that artificial emotion is easier to control, and thus avoid mistakes in dealing with persons with disabilities.

UAE today is known for its developments. So, it was announced the entry into service of the first in mid-October RoboCop. told this was back in 2015, and the presentation will be held in 2017.

latter-day servants of the law is planned to produce in large quantities.

They will work together with people, helping companions. For example, take over communication with tourists. Each of the machines speaks six languages ​​(as stated in the announcement).

Sounds interesting.

Can robots really have emotion? | The National – Human emotions downloaded from iTunes (Humanoid robot that can show emotions being developed in UAE, November 23)? Some humans do not have human emotions and I highly doubt a robot can display empathy, understanding or compassion. Name withheld by request These robots will be a revolutionary creation as they are likely to treat children with autism.