Koogeek added to its lineup of smart health products also have a new pressure gauge able to interface with iOS and Android devices to track automatically all results. We tested it for you and I talk about it in this review.

The product works as you might expect: it “rolls” around the wrist with the monitor inside and you place it on his chest over the heart. During measurement the device will be inflated (only to be deflated) and during measurement is recommended to remain relaxed, not to move and not to speak to avoid altering the results. You may follow “live” measurement via the device’s screen.


The product displays, through its screen the last three measurements, but using the smartphone application will be able to maintain a full history of all measurements made. And it is the interaction with smartphones the real strength of this meter. Than similar products with this you can synchronize all measurements with the ‘ application Koogeek which allows you to store separate data for up to 16 users.


Among the most interesting features we point out the signaling, with an appropriate icon, an irregular heartbeat when it is detected by the meter, and the ability to set a “alarm clock” to remind the user to monitor the pressure or to take appropriate medicine. Do not miss, then, even a speech feedback that will read (though only in English) the measurement results.


Overall the product works well . The measurement is very fast and we never found the classic defects of this type of meter (stretch that comes off during measurement, unable to shake the product well around the wrist, failing to detect the correct position of the heart, etc.).

Among defects we point out that the measurements of this product, compared with those of other similar products, there seemed slightly downwards with respect to both the maximum pressure that the slightest pressure, but we are talking really of a very small discrepancy. Rather precise, however, the pulse measurement.


If you are interested, you can buy this product at the price of € 32.99 from this Amazon page . When you want to combine this product the thermometer smart always Koogeek and we are trying, then the bundle price will be just € 57.98 .