Review of Benjie T6: an affordable ticket to the realm of Hi-Fi


There is an opinion that a good portable sound is always insanely expensive and generally gives an audiophile. Thanks to the growing market of interesting and affordable players that head out on the head in the sound of smartphones.For example, Benjie products, already a klondike for quality lovers at an affordable price, serve as an example. Today we will talk about the Benjie T6 model with a powerful amplifier and "stuffing." Now find out how a very inexpensive player with a Hi-Fi prefix sounds in the title, and how the producers managed to keep the price tag at the level "everyone can afford."


Technical characteristics of Benjie T6

  • Screen: TFT TN, 1,8 ", 160×128
  • The processor: Ingenic X1000
  • Support of memory cards: microSDXC
  • Battery: 600 mAh, non-removable
  • Dimensions: 130x64x16,6 mm
  • Weight: 82 grams
  • Supported formats: MP3, AAC, OGG, APE, FLAC, WMA, WAV
  • Poppy Resolution: 192 kHz x 24 bit
  • Playlists: m3u, m3u8
  • DAC: Cirrus Logic CS42L51
  • Equalizer: 10 pages
  • Outputs: 3, 5 mm (for headphones)
  • USB: v2.0 for charging and connecting to a PC

Packaging and bundling

Strong cardboard packaging cleverly disguises the player's belonging to a budget Segment, but a meager supply package brings us back to reality.

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<h2 style= Appearance

The design of the player Benjie T6 evokes a strong association with the file, because we have an aluminum box with straight angles and barely noticeable facets of faces. And the manufacturer himself calls the case material "zinc alloy". With the size of a gasoline lighter, this crumb weighs as much as 82 grams, and it is possible to prick nuts on the corners, but at the same time leave scratches. So it's neater.

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<p style= The front panel is divided into two parts: the screen area is protected by soft plastic and the control unit with a huge round key OK / Play and the navigation buttons on the disk around it. The central part is slightly recessed into the interior, allowing blindly to grope the direction up-down or left-to-right.

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<p style= The back of the player – a blank glass A panel under which the entire "stuffing" of the device is hidden.

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<p style= There is nothing on the top but below it is a 3.5 mm jack for headphones and a micro-USB port. On the right side are comfortable volume buttons, the hold of which allows you to switch the composition when the screen is locked. On the left there is a power / lock button, plus a deeply recessed slot for microSDXC memory cards.

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<p style= Benjie T6 – a miniature device. Let the design and unpretentious, the quality of performance and materials are very pleasing, but only until you touch the protective plastic screen – here it is exactly like in budget mobile phones, and against the background of the glass backdrop looks very strange. As for comfort in use, the side keys are beyond competition, but the controls on the front side are medium in convenience – it's difficult to get through the right key.


The gadget installed a simple TFT-matrix with a diagonal of 1.8 inches and a resolution of 160×128 pixels. The quality of the image will not be discussed in detail, it's still a music player – the maximum level of brightness makes it possible to easily read the track's name on a clear, sunny day. And more is not required.

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Like any purebred player, Benjie T6 is dedicated exclusively to music and does not allow you to watch photos and videos.The main menu is decorated with a grid of 3×3 icons, with tabs of the equalizer, list of albums and artists, current playback, folders and playlists There is a podcast tab and settings where you can set power saving options, set the menu language and choose one of two amplifier power options.

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<p style= Tracks are displayed in a list on a black background, five lines each On the screen with a vertical scroll. In the playback mode, most of the display is covered by the album cover, and the time and the level of the battery charge are indicated on top. The title of the track and album is displayed in small print under a small scrollbar. Rewind within the composition is progressive, carried out by long pressing the "Forward / Back" key, and to return to the list of songs it is enough to press "Down".

From the playback mode, you can quickly switch the repeat and shuffle modes, and also configure a 10-band equalizer with several standard profiles and a coarse effect on the sound.


Before turning to the impressions of the Benjie T6 sound, briefly about the hardware configuration. According to the tradition of many entry-level players, there is no built-in memory on board, and the unhurried interface speed is explained by the use of the Ingenic X1000 processor. For the audio part there is a Cirrus Logic CS42L51 codec / DAC, which is usually found in iPods for 5-6 thousand rubles. It supports most lossless-format resolutions up to 192 kHz x 24 bit, including APE, FLAC and WAV. The amplifier produces a power of 50 mW per channel with a resistance of 16 Ohm, which underlines the confinement of the device for compact intra-channel headphones.

With them we will listen to the player: dynamic with a membrane of 14 mm and a resistance of 16 Ohm, a hybrid of 32 Ohms, plus a one-way "fittings" of 24 ohms. Musical assortment this time includes The Prodigy, Filter, Asian Dub Foundation and Tiga. Albums almost entirely from a leap year in 2016, to FLAC.

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<p style= Having started listening with dynamic headphones, You note a certain stiffness in the sound, as well as an impressive – in 50% – the volume margin, even the soft and fluffy Tiga style begins to give the aggression of the last album Filter, and they come very close to the Fear Factory.The details are in excess, plus an even tonal balance , A wide scene and the long-awaited depth of low frequencies.Each sigh and ringing of plates do not cause doubts about the naturalness of the instrument, and synthetic pa H drum machine on the verge of honest filing.The sound clearly surpasses the level of most smartphones in detail and accuracy, but it lacks lightness.This feeling as if over a magical land hung thick and gloomy clouds. But ideally suited for heavy rock and metal.

We change to budgetary hybrid headphones and immediately find peace of mind.The increased load resistance softens the nature of the music, expanding the range of genres to infinity. The gurus of the ethnic metamorphoses of the Asian Dub Foundation once again became friendly to the listener – and this is the album More Signal More Noise. Specific distortion from The Prodigy also stopped pushing off a thick pitch, and the volume can now be raised to 70%, so that the bass is enough for a fan of the genre Deep House.

Strange as it may seem, but it is better to do it in the same way as before.

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<p style= The Benjie T6 has proved to be a pair of high-resistance single-driver "armatures." They neatly and gently hide the gloomy tone of the sound, and the amplifier produces a decent level of low frequencies wherever they should be. Moreover, stage "armature" with a resistance of 12 Ohm showed Itself even softer than dynamic DUNU, although with smartphones the situation is exactly the opposite.

With full-sized headphones with a resistance of up to 32 ohms, the sound of identity It is pleasant, detailed and completely satisfies the requests for low frequencies, but with a headset with a resistance of 60 Ohm and higher, the situation is not so rosy-there are no miracles.


Built-in battery Benjie T6, whose capacity is 600 mAh, easily enough for 8 hours of use at a loudness of about 70%, and you can charge it in a couple of hours. The result is typical for niche players of this level.

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The small but brutal player Benjie T6 confirms the people's love for the brand and really surprises with the correlation of price and quality of sound.Lovers of beautiful interfaces need to be aware that the firmware version of the player with the prefix Beta. Entrance ticket to the world of good-quality portable for all who are tired of hypertrophied bass and slurred porridge on the smartphone instead of a rich palette of tools. And stationary acoustics, to the car and for sports, for most lossless formats – Benjie T6 is suitable for any usage scenario.

Find out the cost of HI-Fi Benjie T6


  • powerful sound;
  • support for most lossless formats;
  • intuitive control;
  • ]

  • good autonomy.


  • the granular screen and fonts; the
  • beta version of the firmware;
  • no Bluetooth.

Thank you DNS network which provided the player Benjie T6 for testing in the shortest time.

Text writer: Evgeny Batukov

Photo of the device: Daria Nesterovskaya