Few people stop to think about the importance of the mouse until you pass by a “standard” device to a decidedly “premium”, so we decided to bring our Review of the Logitech G502 Proteus RGB Spectrum a mouse is optimal with regard to productivity to the PC as regards both a beautiful session of gaming at very high levels . There is also a non-RGB version of the G502, but, being able to buy this, we decided to wink not only the performance but also the aesthetics of our setup.

In box

Inside the box there are essentially two elements: Mouse and a box containing five small weights 3.6 grams each to improve the stability of the mouse. There is also a practical instruction book that tells you to visit the website to download the software customization of your G502.


The G502 RGB is medium-large with the soft shapes and, when it is not connected to the PC, the Logitech logo transparent. The wheel is metal and the thing that we immediately jumped to the eye are the 12 buttons on the mouse all positioned so as not to annoy the player, and quality of Duct long 1.8m cable which also has a practical Velcro strap to hold it in place. There is not much else to say, except that this mouse might scare the players who tend to use a “claw grip” (seems indeed huge), but we can assure you that Palm or Claw gripper will be delight in equally.


The G502 features a sensor PMW3366 which ranges from a minimum of 200 DPI to a maximum of 12000 DPI difficult to use, unless you use a multimonitor configuration formed by three panels in UHD resolution. Technology Logitech G Delta Zero also allows to cushion the accelerations are too abrupt slowing of the mouse running and allowing you to have a truly enviable precision. The two main keys are the G502 mechanical switch (such as keyboards) and each click is a real pleasure for the lovers of the sounds of gaming, while the other keys are positioned in a truly optimal and, together with the mouse wheel body allow a very convenient use of any function you can think of. The wheel, however, is the piece that gives us more satisfaction: every time we go to turn there is no danger of making a shake more or less, because the retaining mechanism is one of the best and balances that we have ever experienced, not to mention the chance to release it going to create a infinite rotation very useful for those who play video games that require an enormous speed in the change of the weapon. I LED RGB in both the Logitech logo in the indicator of DPI can change its color from 16000000 available with a slight tendency to make the bluish white, but, unless you are maniacs of perfection and want to stand by your new mouse for hours and hours, we do not mind.

We have got used the G 502 in many games, especially FPS ( CS: GO, DOOM 2016, Assassin’s Creed Unity, Shadow of Mordor, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Battlefield 1 ), and has always shown accurate and convenient to use. Very useful key target on the left side that allows, if held down, to switch to a DPI sensitivity that we will have previously chosen, so as to be more specific in the most hectic sections of video games.


software g502

The software can be downloaded from the website of Logitech, allowing us to customize the colors of LED inside the mouse, the program each button with the function that we prefer, adjust the DPI of the sensor, creating custom profiles and connect them to certain programs or games and even synchronize your mouse lighting with a Logitech keyboard. We found the very interesting possibilities to vary the sensitivity of the mouse according to the mat used: we have tried to use the Logitech G640, medium woven mat, and a mousepad XXXL we use daily, and the difference is noticeable , not so much with dPI low, because IPR starting from 3500 and up.

In conclusion

recommend the G502 Proteus RGB Spectrum? If you are the aesthetics and want a mouse fanatics who have a solid RGB lighting system, a great personalization software and, to everything, combine performance top notch below the 100 €, we believe you have to do a little thought on this device. you can find the Logitech G502 Proteus RGB Spectrum is about 75 € on Amazon.it a fair price, for a mouse with controfiocchi.