The date of official release of Resident Evil 7 is almost upon us, consequently the lovers of the horror genre will definitely not wait to get my hands on a chapter that seems to have finally found the right way to return the brand to its former glory.

Browsing through our various sources we came across two videos dedicated to the gameplay, of course Resident Evil 7 and some new images content you can find, as always, just below. Needless to say, the visual effect is undoubtedly interesting, hence the appearance is to have in my hands a particularly evocative product, and above all able to keep the player glued to the chair. To date it is not yet possible to say too much, therefore we refer the whole to the stage of review.

Please note that Resident Evil 7 will be dealt with from the day on January 24 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Resident Evil 7 preview – 9 minutes of new gameplay

8 Minutes of Resident Evil 7 Gameplay (with Commentary)