Research reveals applications that consume more energy


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A survey by Chinese Baidu evaluated the applications of consumption patterns Android more popular in the world to find out what the more likely to leave your battery gadget red.

Applications are the main reason for the depletion of the battery cell when they are running in the foreground, even when they are closed, they can run in the background. Each app category has different consumption patterns, but can within the same category consumption also vary due to different codes of each.

Tests showed that gaming applications consume more energy than the average when running both in the first as the background and, despite being a social network, Snapchat also entered the list of the most gastões.

have utilities such as Twitter, Viber, Spotify, Instagram WhatsApp and waste less energy compared to the other in both cases. Netflix and Facebook spend an average of more when they are in the foreground and less background. Uber was the only rated app that consumes more in the background, although spending in the foreground is less than the overall average.

The study found that, worldwide, the smartphone is on for 21.7 hours straight, and most users run the load at least once a day. However, Brazil, which keeps the device connected for up to 17.9 hours on average, along with the United States and Indonesia are among the countries that spend more energy, while Germans use the device continuously for 32.1 hours.

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