Reporters get Steep copies on the day the games


Apparently, the multiplayer component in Steep will make a big difference – Ubisoft announced that the press Review does not receive copies of the draft prior to its release. This company wrote in blog .

“In order to ensure that journalists appreciate the full version, which at the same time playing a lot of people, a copy of them will be given only on the day of release, 2 December, – publishing house explains. – Thus they will be able to evaluate the multiplayer component, together with a large number of users “


In the case of projects Ubisoft this is not the first time – a copy of The Crew and The Division press is also not given in advance, and in such cases, the company has always warned about this in the blog. But Watch Dogs 2 and other projects where online is not so important, publisher sends advance.

But now Bethesda is not to supply copies of journalists long before all of their games. This practice started with of Doom continued Dishonored 2 and reissue The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim . The company explained that the intention to allow all to play at the same time.


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