often makes you want to surf the Internet while you relax in your chair or on the bed, but unfortunately the signal of your wireless router is unable to get to the room where you are? Have you ever thought about solving this little problem by installing a wireless repeater at a point “key” of the house, halfway between the primary router and the room that is normally not covered by your Internet signal?

If the answer is yes, but we have not tried yet why do you fear of not knowing how to properly configure the repeater, take a few minutes of free time and try to solve together the question: is not as complicated as you think.

So Here’s a quick and simple guide on how to repeat a wireless signal throughout the house. Read it and I assure you that at last be able to get the Wi-Fi coverage in all the rooms in which you need, without spending a fortune. So tell me, are you ready? Yes?

To repeat a wireless signal, you’re given several options to choose from that are more or less consistent depending on what are your real needs. In fact, you can choose to entrust to devices such as range extender or Powerline adapters the adjustable tools computer able to transform it in a signal booster and / or you you can put some solutions in practice alternatives that allow you to make more accessible the Wi-Fi signal on your modem at no cost. You choose which solution to use, below are explained everything in detail.

Range extender

If you want to learn how to repeat a wireless signal to extend the home connection in rooms that are not normally covered by the router’s Wi-Fi signal, you can buy a device called a range extender that takes the signal from the primary router, it “repeats “and allows to have the ADSL or fiber in areas of the house where previously did not reach the network.

The range extender are relatively inexpensive (usually have prices ranging between 25.00 and the 50.00 euro) and are very easy to use, you can buy at any electronics store or online shop. They may have the same shape of the router or be small adapters to be connected to a wall outlet. Here are some of the most interesting currently available to Amazon .

If you want some more advice on the range extender to buy, look at my purchase guide dedicated to WiFi signal amplifiers in which you have suggested some of the best devices of this type from those currently available commercially.

To set them up, just connect to your computer via Ethernet cable or hook up their network with your computer, open your browser and go in their internal control panel by typing the address or or the address indicated in the instruction manual (eg. mywifiext.net ).

In the initial configuration process, the range extender detects all wireless networks available nearby. Then put the check mark next to the name of the connection of your wireless router, click on Next and complete the wizard by entering the Network Security Key and follow the on-screen display.

Within a few minutes, you will have the opportunity to connect to the Internet even in rooms that were not covered by the Wi-Fi signal using the configured connection in the range extender (which may have the same name as the primary router connection, a its variant with the word EXT at the end or can be fully customized.)

Some range extender to be configured also require the use of an installation disk that comes in the sales package. In these cases, after you connect the device to your computer via Ethernet cable you must insert the disk into the computer and follow the configuration wizard that starts automatically.

Of course, to allow the range extender to capture the Wi-Fi router, you will need to place it somewhere in the house where there is the signal coverage.



In the unfortunate event that the traditional range extender should not be able to cover all areas of the house you intend to have the ADSL or fiber connection, you can groped the way of Powerline adapters that use the electrical wires to transfer Internet signal, ensuring maximum speed.

Powerline adapters there is something for every budget and for all needs. Below you will find listed some of the best around (at least in my humble opinion) available to Amazon .

The Powerline adapters to distribute the connection wirelessly (just as a range extender) or only via Ethernet cable and configure them in a simple manner. In principle, all you need to do to establish a connection via Powerline is to connect the two adapters into the wall outlet and press a button. For more detailed instructions, below you can find a summary step-by-step procedure to be performed.

  • Connect the primary adapter (it is usually the smaller one) to the electrical outlet in the room where there is a router;
  • Connect the router primary Powerline adapter using an Ethernet cable;
  • Enter the secondary Powerline adapter to the electrical outlet in the room where you intend to bring the Internet signal and turn on the device using the power switch (usually present on the sides)
  • Press the connect button on the Powerline adapter sub (you may need to hold the button for 2-3 seconds) and wait for all of the LEDs turn green;
  • The last step should be repeated for all additional adapters. As previously mentioned, in fact, possible to connect more than two Powerline adapters to the same system (one main and other secondary) and each requires a short pairing procedure primary adapter.

side software, to configure the Powerline devices simply access their Web Panel, a little ‘how to do it even with the range extender. In the case of adapters with wireless support, you must first establish a connection with your computer using the credentials specified in the instruction manual of the device, while for those who work only cable you need to connect your computer to the adapter using an Ethernet cable. That’s all.

You can find more information on the operation of this technology and further advice on what to buy adapters in my post of how the Powerline . Read it, I bet you will be useful.

Tools for computers


Come condividere connessione Internet

Need to repeat a wireless signal only in sporadic occasions (eg. When you go into the garden, when you move the console for video games in another room, etc.) Or otherwise you’re not going to spend money on buying a range extender or a Powerline adapter? Then know that you can turn your laptop into a wireless repeater, just use the operating system Windows and a small free application called Virtual Router .

To download Virtual Router Plus on your laptop, connected to the program’s Internet site by Click here and then click on download button. Download is complete open, double-clicking on it, the software installation package ( VirtualRouterInstaller.msi ) and then click first on Next three times, and then Yes and Close to finish the setup.

Keep in mind that you may be asked to install the .Net Framework 3.5 Microsoft, free software essential for the proper functioning of the Virtual Router. If you need it, you can download it from this page .

installation is complete, start Virtual Router, type the name you want to assign to the connection generated by the program in the Network Name (SSID) the security key that you want to apply to the latter in the field Password and select from the drop down menu Shared connection the connection to be repeated. Finally, click on Start Virtual Router button and the computer will begin to repeat the wireless connection of the router allowing you to extend it for a few meters (but not much). For further information, read my tutorial on how to use the PC as hotspot .



Use a Mac ? In this case to repeat a wireless signal you do not even need to resort to third-party applications. In fact, all you have to do is open System Preferences click on Sharing and check the box that you find at the entry ICS from the toolbar the left side.

At this point, choose the menu Share your connection from: the type of connection you want to share (in your case Ethernet ), put the check mark next to Wi-Fi placed in the lower right box and set a password to protect your wireless network by pressing the Wi-Fi Options button. In the window that opens, select the entry WPA2 Personal from the drop down menu Security and type in the keyword to protect the network.

then Apponi the check mark next to the item Internet Sharing in the left sidebar and click on the button Start to start sharing your Internet connection. Even in that case, if you need further information you can consult the tutorials on the subject that I have suggested to you in the previous rows when I explained to you how to repeat a wireless signal from Windows.


Come captare meglio segnale wireless

If you have an older router you no longer use, you can use it as a range extender for repeating a wireless signal using the special function available in its control panel or, alternatively, by installing a firmware as DD-WRT on the latter.

DD-WRT is not compatible with all routers, you can find the list of all devices supported by Click here . Regarding instead the firmware installation, the operation can be performed by the router management panel. You can just download the right firmware looking for the router model of this page then you have to reset the router bringing it back to factory settings, you must disconnect from the Internet and you have to proceed with the firmware replacement. Are more detailed in the appropriate section in English (official DD-WRT website instructions) to which you can access by Click here .

Have an old shoebox and handy foil? So if you do not want to “tweak” too much with computers and routers but appreciate the art of “do it yourself” and are willing to tinker with scissors and glue in perfect Art Attack style, you might try to broaden the range of your creating a wireless router amplifier “homemade” .

No, do not worry, I’m not crazy. I’m simply suggesting you try to repeat the wireless signal following the indications that I proceeded to give you in my guide to how to boost your wireless signal to create a Wi-Fi amplifier using materials that we all have at home. I do not promise amazing things but at every attempt so no harm, you may be pleasantly surprised by the results.