Reigns: The game that is a curse be king


One could say that the game is going through a stage where the limits and capabilities of the means to narrate explore, convey a message or simply innovate with new ideas while still providing mechanical that after all are the conventional game as the situations are resolved through gameplay. The indie scene takes advantage of this greatly since working with projects humble budget (obviously comparing with the industry triple a) can take risks and experiment creating sometimes so interesting proposals how Reigns the game of which I speak below.

The crown of death

Reigns is a title available for iOS, Android and PC distributed by the known guys Digital Return (Hotline Miami, Mother Russia bleeds, Enter the Gungeon among others) and created by debutant Nerial team. It is a kind of political economic manager with touches of black humor and social criticism. Do not be alarmed, it is not a complicated geopolitical simulator or anything like that; just be sure to keep the kingdom safe and our head in place managing our resources well and satisfying or not the needs of our subjects.

The plot as the gameplay is really simple: An ancient curse has fallen upon us and now we must embody any person who carries the crown in the kingdom. In principle this seems anything but a bad thing, but one must wait a bit to see that we must walk with a thousand eyes, you never know who can stab you in the back.

The game is based on a system of cards representing different characters, one must slide them left or right to answer them positively or negatively, but we always try to keep balanced the four pillars supporting our lands : the church, the people, the army and gold. Answering a question will rise or fall some of the above points, for example; if the bishop asks us if we want to build a church in honor of our father and tell him that if the meter will rise but will lower the church coffers. It may seem that it is best to keep everything as high as possible, but in the time that one of these four pillars is too high it surprised us to see how the people is revealed the army takes power merchants or send us a cell.

In summary, an addictive, curious and almost endless game. Recomendadísimo.

Google Play Reigns (3,29 Euros)

Steam Reigns (2.99 Euros)

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