The next week will be held in Chicago FIA Expo 2016 event where the company ReFLEX CES, specializing in embedded systems and custom, plans together with the Altera, for some time now belonging to the Intel demonstrate network accelerators based on FPGA XpressGX5LP-SE, XpressGX5LP-HE and XpressGX5LP-QE. In addition, the exhibition will include other expansion cards and kits for developers. In particular, the manufacturer marks a new low-profile card based on FPGA Arria10 GX, as shown in the illustration.

Regarding the sets for developers Attila Instant-DevKit, they allow you to quickly build solutions on FPGA, including all necessary hardware and software. Set 10 Attila Arria GX Instant-DevKit will be used in the stand to demonstrate PCIe expansion card features based FPGA Arria GX 10 in supercomputing using OpenCL. A year ago, the company ReFLEX CES introduced a similar set of Alaric Instant-DevKit based FPGA Altera Arria 10 .

Source: Reflex CES