continue to rumors related to the new chapter of the saga Red Dead . Browsing through our various sources we came across in denial linked to the name, which will not be Red Dead Retribution . The person who discovered the clue between the Rockstar code of the site seems to have fooled by a research done previously by the gamer himself, accordingly to the project name today still remains shrouded in mystery .

The Rockstar house bosses have published a new picture depicting some silhouettes, some of which may be associated with a couple of characters already seen in the past. The figure in the center appears to actually resemble the profile of John Marston the protagonist of Red Dead Redemption ready to return to action in this new, probably, chapter of the saga. Also, the man at the left of the likely Marston seems to be nientepopodimenoche Bill Williamson a member of the old gang Martston But just died in Red Dead Redemption during the mission An Appointed Time ..

In network games are obviously the most classic speculation. The next episode of the Red Dead series could be a prequel? Signs point indeed in that direction, aided by the fact that the gang of Marston was dissolved before the facts narrated in Red Dead Redemption.

As usual we suggest you take what has been reported with pliers and treat the foremost as a rumor. We look forward to new information by Rockstar.