Tomorrow at 18:00 Moscow Rockstar Games will release the trailer and more information about the announced yesterday Red Dead Redemption 2 . Analysts have tipped the game bright future.

The research firm Cowen & Company made with the assumption that sales in the open western world reached at least 15 million copies. Analysts do not deny that the figure could be even higher – after all Red Dead Redemption has been warmly received by the audience, and “positive reputation grew with each passing year”


for the sale of the original RDR said nothing since February 2012 – while 13 million copies of the project was implemented. As for the more modern games of Rockstar, the edition published in 2013 GTA V reached 65 million copies, although during this time the gunman had time to visit the old and new console, as well as personal computers.

Also Cowen & Company representatives were reminded of how often releases Rockstar loves to carry their projects. However, the company believes that at least one transfer within the company has already occurred. According to analysts, developers planned to release the game in the period from April to June 2017, but postponed the release until the fall.