The Toyota of Brazil confirmed today (17) the defective parking brake that prompted a recall of more than 300,000 Prius in several countries affects also the units sold in Brazil . Because of this, the company called here one recall 177 units of the model, all produced between October 13, 2015 and July 25, 2016. This is the third recall of the model this year. Check the chassis affected below.

In a statement, the company explains that the cable that transmits force to the brake calipers can, over time, become loose. When this happens, the parking brake is inoperative. Because of this, there is risk of accidents brake if it becomes dead to the connected vehicle and in any gear other than Park.

To prevent this failure happens, the Toyota offers owners of Prius called a free repair, as required by the Consumer Protection Code for products with manufacturing fault that runs some risk the population. The repair can be done at any authorized workshop Toyota from November 7 and takes about 30 minutes to complete.

Before taking the vehicle in for repair, consumers should contact the dealership Toyota you prefer to schedule the recall . The automaker also offers the phone 0800-703-0206 for inquiries about the case.

Chassis called

Toyota Prius : alphanumeric code: JTDKB3FU; last 8 digits of the G3000137 G3531799

Recalls Toyota in Brazil

This is the third of the Prius recall in Brazil this year. The first and greatest of these was called in July and affected 3,668 units. According to Toyota, these cars could present a fault in the fuel tank, which could lead to a fire in the car. In September, the company called again three more units of the car due to a fault in the airbag system. Already considering the recall called now by default account in the brake system, Toyota has called back to the workshops this year 3,848 units of the hybrid.

In total, the company called six recalls this year. The other three are the Corolla, Hilux and RAV4 models, plus the Lexus CT200h. In February, the automaker warned that 11,184 RAV4 units could present a failure in safety belts, and so should pass a free repair. In May, some 139 units of Hilux pickup truck were called due to a defect in airbag system. Already in September, Toyota called back to workshops 3,668 units of the Corolla, Prius and Lexus CT200h because of a fault in the fuel tank, which could cause a fire.

In total, Toyota called 18,839 vehicles this year to correct manufacturing defects.

Consumer rights

The Procon-SP advises all consumers involved in calling campaigns to demand proof of the repair service has been performed. The document must be kept and passed on in the event of sale. The right to free repair is also guaranteed to owners of vehicles that have been sold more than once.

Vehicles that do not meet the recall and are repaired within 12 months will bring not care information in the “observations” of the next Certificate of Registration and Licensing (CRLV), as determined by the Joint Ordinance No. 69 of 15/12/2010, the Secretariat of Economic Law and the Director of the National Traffic Department.