Razer pays the legendary THX brand George Lucas


Nice shot for the manufacturer Razer gaming, which offers the THX brand, created by George Lucas.


Razer crunches THX

The Razer manufacturer that PC gamers know necessarily, is popular for the many accessories available on its shop, with helmets, but also keyboards, gamepads, mice, joysticks, not to mention full game systems (like the Razer Blade laptop). Note that Razer also offers a range of “consoles” to the Xbox One and Xbox 360.

The same Razer has decided to strike a blow today by offering the famous letters THX or the prestigious audio and video certification developed by George Lucas in 80s A certification that is obviously reflected in the different installment of Star Wars, true ambassadors of this certification still popular with many audio and video manufacturers. Thus, one can now find certified THX amps but also televisions Ultra HD 4K or 5.1 audio kits.

According to Razer, this acquisition will have no impact on the teams in place at the side of THX, and these will retain their independence. Razer, this is obviously a transaction focused on the future, since the group already imagine 360 ​​videos, not to mention the very next film with playful video productions, and the growing synergies between the world of video gaming and movies.


is obviously suspect Razer soon benefit from this collaboration to launch a new line of products certified THX, but at present, the group has not formalized any new product hit those three letters for the less prestigious.


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