Razer, a company specializing in accessories and gaming computers, has acquired the majority shareholding in THX, the company founded by George Lucas became famous over the years because of the “logo” that ensured a perfect sound reproduction in all conditions, thanks to the installation of qualified technicians and a super accurate calibration. THX will remain a separate company from Razer world, but Min-Liang Tan co-founder and CEO of the company, has however announced that there will be synergies between the two groups in the future.

It ‘clear that Razer has acquired THX for the brand, and probably this is the thing that most worries. Who knows THX years is aware that the THX today is no longer the THX of yore: under the super vision of Lucas brand was to be a quality, but little by little the value of that stamp has lost its meaning becoming a brand to be exhibited “to sell” that true security. Now, under the control of a company that manufactures products for gamers, albeit high-level, the risk of seeing the sticker distributed on a plethora of products from the monitor headphones for PC up to the integrated laptops speaker it is concrete. THX, obliged to make ends meet, has sought in recent years to invent all sorts of possible certification slowly destroying the value of the logo and losing more and more credibility.

Speaker THX-certified computers, the value of the label sold out

The acquisition of THX by Razer is a further sign of the difficulties of home cinema: after the DVD, which has pushed many families to adopt 5.1 systems, the true home theater is not longer able to make inroads into the houses replaced by soundbar solutions and often questionable from a qualitative point of view. In 2000 THX, Dolby and DTS were the image of a global phenomenon that wanted to turn every home into a small movie theater : THX is over in the hands of Razer, DTS has been acquired by Tessera Technology and only Dolby resists thanks to royalties on audio. But if you were to lose the bet Dolby Vision also for her future it would not be so sure.