Established in the early 80s by George Lucas, THX is a company of San Francisco (California) that handles the same name and attribute certificate of quality for the installations audio- videos like movie theaters, home theater, speakers, console, dedicated to car systems etc. Today the news of ‘ acquisition by Razer compared with an economic investment unspecified.

From the press we learn that THX will continue to operate independently as done so far and that its corporate structure will not change. Min-Liang Tan, CEO of Razer, explained that to stir interest in the acquisition is the ‘ importance of the brand . Razer being an active brand in the field of gaming, it’s not hard to imagine that such an operation would be aimed primarily at improving the quality of its equipment, devices and accessories for the gaming, strengthening its market position and offering more and more solutions quality to satisfy even the most demanding.

Another result of the acquisition will be one that will allow THX to penetrate deeply into Chinese market especially with regard to the certification of facilities and cinemas of the Asian country, the fertile soil and the enormous potential for everything related to multimedia entertainment. These are the words of Ty Ahmad-Taylor, CEO of THX, confirming that the group will continue on its path.

continue to grow our business related to certifications, acting as guarantors for the audio-video quality of both products for consumer electronics that the cinemas, the streaming services as well as the satellite operators and cable, and the automaker.


In the press, Ty Ahmad-Taylor says without mince words the reasons that led to the sale, not masking the idea to market new products certified THX and Razer logo.

We sold because Razer provides us with a solid foundation on which to base our core business. We will operate as an independent unit. Nevertheless, we do not exclude the possibility of launching some products in collaboration with Razer.